Trump In Action-Must See


In this video the Donald demonstrates heretofore unknown skills that he possesses.  ..His versatility is unmatched. His ability to think “outside the box” is certified. As in all of his speeches, Trump shows that he is authentic.
Some might suggest that the video proves just the opposite. Some people are shallow thinkers. In future encounters with Trump, Hillary must take care not to anger him. We see here what he can do. LOL


Trump challenges McMahon to a wrestling match!

Caught by surprise!

All kidding aside, Trump is the Man. Break the establishment’s grip on our country. Are you fed up with the names Clinton or Bush (remember, there is another Bush waiting in the wings)?
Are you tired of members of an elitist club, both Democrat and Republican, and their allies in the press and the bureaucracy, running this country while ignoring the will of the people?  Are you tired of our government bombing and killing people thousands of miles from home? And doing it in your name?

Vote For Donald Trump!   😀 

[Added 10/15/16]

Donald Trump is on the right side of what is unarguably the most important issue of this election– immigration. Unrestricted immigration will destroy our culture and our country. Hillary supports even more immigration while the Obama administration relocates tens of thousands of third world immigrants into our cities.

While most of us will never afford it, many people dream of seeing other parts of the world in their lifetimes. How about a trip to Paris the “city of love”.

[Added 10/21/16]

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