Castro Passes


So the Cubans in Miami and elsewhere are celebrating. I can’t figure out why. Well. really, I can.
They’re possessed of a hatred that has been passed down through the generations since Castro took over. It’s strange because most of them were not even alive when Castro came to power. And furthermore, nothing will change unless the US changes its’ policy toward Cuba.
In case you missed it, here is a short vid of the celebration in Havana after Castro’s successful revolution.

Castro and his army over thru Batista, who by most accounts was a murderous dictator. When Castro took over, he instituted a complete reform of the country. This is why so many of the upper classes fled Cuba for the US. He was also relentless in his efforts to eliminate the opposition.
The condition of the Cuban people today is not so much on account of Castro as it is the commercial, economic, and financial embargo of the island nation. The embargo was established in 1962.
The embargo was imposed all these years because the US was unable to impose their will on the island nation (something we have been doing a lot of lately). The war party in Washington wanted to invade Cuba. A lot was at stake as it has been reported that oil companies in the US had spent millions on leases of land in Cuba for oil exploration. Casinos in Cuba were controlled by the Mob.
In the end President Kennedy refused to authorize an invasion; so we had to settle for punishing the Cubans with a 50 year embargo. Go figure.

Here is a vid introduced by Errol Flynn (for you kids, he was a ‘movie star’). It is part 1 of 5 that covers Cuba before and after the revolution.

Link to the other four vids.

We should establish friendly relations with Cuba without strings attached. Trump wants concessions. I’m for Trump but he is wrong this time.