Parkland School Student Says 2 Shooters



The tragedy of the shooting in Parkland Florida has taken the same shape as most of the senseless shootings of recent years. It is always the lone, crazed gunman story. You could go all the way back to Lee Harvey Oswald. It’s like a template the main stream media pulls out automatically.
It could be accurate but they never pursue information that suggests an alternative narrative.  It seems that any information that might question their story is never discussed, considered, or shown to the public; like the video below.

The girl in the vid may be mistaken in her conclusion, or maybe she is not even a student, but her statements must be investigated. The vid is on youtube as of this posting but is far down the line when it should be front and center. The MSM will let nothing get in the way of their anti-gun propaganda.



In addition, we now have a teacher at the school who says she came face to face with the shooter and was slightly wounded.        She also says that the shooter was wearing body armor, helmet and face mask. Sounds weird to me.  Go Here for this video.

Here’s another report to further arouse suspicions:  Drill

Those of us who closely follow these events know the significance of the word”drill” when used in  conjunction with these shooting events. I’m just saying.