Russian Boogeyman

Donald Trump says he thinks he can work with President Putin of Russia and the media and the war party has a fit.  Isn’t that what we want our President to do, “work” with other countries and their leaders to promote peace instead of the constant war we are seeing today?  Having lived through Korea, the Cold War, and the Vietnam era, it seems as if the prospect of war is greater than ever.
The media criticize Trump’s comments about Russia because, like everyone else in America, they have been indoctrinated to believe that Russia is the evil boogeyman.  Even recently, the newest chairman of the Joint Chiefs stated that Russia was an existential threat to the United States. For rednecks, this means a threat to our existence. Really?
Of course, he may be right if we continue to provoke them as we are doing now with the sending of troops to maneuver on the Russian border with other N.A.T.O forces. We send troops to bolster N.A.T.O because according to the media, Russia may invade Europe at any moment, something they haven’t done in the 70+ years since WW2. Does the media get their talking points directly from the Pentagon or the Administration?

The threat of Russia has always been our best excuse for military actions and the appropriation of billions of dollars for defense, money that goes directly to the military-industrial complex and the fat-cat contractors that work for it. During the current campaign we have heard the cry about strengthening the military (both candidates). Who says it needs strengthening?  I suppose that if we are spread too thin (with an estimated 700-800 bases around the world) that could weaken the military. How about a little consolidation.

Is Putin a little Hitler? He could be but there seem to be an awful lot of Hitlers running around. My list:
Saddam – Always referred to as Hitler
Muammar Gaddafi Often referred to as Hitler
Assad (Syria) – Sometimes referred to as Hitler
I think we can identify this sort of parlance as war propaganda. If you hear it, you know what is coming.

A little perspective on Putin: Does he look like Hitler?

Do not skip this guy !!

The media continue to mislead as they have done regarding the Ukraine situation.
Russia is always portrayed in a negative way.
The legitimate government of Ukraine was overthrown in a bloody coup about two years ago by radicals who wanted to align with the EU rather than Russia. There was much evidence that the United States was involved (is that hard to believe with our record of taking down regimes??).  An audio of Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland discussing who should be in the new government, made its way onto the internet. Her discussion with  US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt took place before the coup!

So now, those forces fighting back against the overthrow are labeled the “rebels” by our media and Russia is the bad guy for arming the “rebels”. Russian “aggressiveness” in this situation is a sure sign that they may invade Europe. We need more money for the military!!

I just found this video of Putin where he explains Russia’s incursion into the country of Georgia in 2008. An interesting piece.  For context on the video and story go  to

Now that the DNC has been hacked as well as others, Russia has been blamed. This could be a psychological operation. Plant the idea of Russian hacks to influence the US election and we have the perfect excuse to declare the results invalid if Hillary should lose. Just saying.