Gay Bulls

There has been a lot of talk in the media about “fake news”. This has lead to the idea of creating so-called truth detectors and filtering the news by true news “experts”. We all know that this is an effort to censor the news, particularly the internet, which totally destroyed the usual propaganda spewed by the establishment media. Even our congress joined the fray by passing the ” Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act”.

Surprisingly, and with little effort, I have found real “fake news”.  This news informs us that there are around or at least 500 known homosexual animals! Who knew?










Wikipedia provides a long list of homosexual animals:



If you ever accepted the veracity of Wikipedia, it may be time to rethink it. Not so strangely, if you look at the references for each animal you find that about 90% of them go to ONE person named ” Bagemihl“.


Naturally, National Geographic gets in on the act with this article: Homosexual Activity Among Animals Stirs Debate. Nat Geo has always been a left-leaning publication advancing a belief of nature as God. Here is another article advancing the gay animal narrative: Dear Manny Pacquiao; Look At All These Homosexual Animals.

For many years now, the Queer Nation and their supporters have been looking for a gay gene to explain their behavior. So far, they have had no luck and have decided to look at animal sexual behavior to justify themselves. Other than simply announcing that many animals are homosexual, they provide little evidence for their conclusions. They like to refer to one study done at U C Berkeley (most people old enough remember Berkeley as the center of wackiness in a wacky state). The study concluded that about 9% of male rams were gay. Having read the study about 20 yrs ago, I immediately see some flaws but this article can explain them better than I.
Other than this study, the evidence must be the so-called scientists who put on a white smock, grab a clipboard, pencil, a pair of binoculars and go into a far-away jungle to watch some exotic animals for a few weeks or months.
Animal sexual behavior is poorly understood and a limited period of observation with binoculars won’t provide all the answers.
It is important to note that homosexual behavior does not automatically translate into homosexual orientation. This is exactly what the gay activists infer with these references to gay animals. We should further note that what we define as homosexual behavior in animals is based on human understanding of what constitutes  homosexual behavior.


If animals are gay and are natural, and humans are animals, then gay humans are natural. This is their creed. Too bad they can’t prove the existence of gay animals.

Here is pictorial evidence, provided to me by Google, of gay animal behavior:

Gayness? One has a collar.
Maybe bondage? Gads, it’s worse than I thought.



Touching. Proof positive.







Hey! Where’s the mutual consent?


Ok. One I have seen about a thousand times.







If you think those pictures are good proof, then you will probably believe this one below:        (Thanks for the pic, Michael)





I did mention queer bulls.
I’ve been a cattleman for about 60yrs. Ours was a purebred operation. Of the breeding stock we sold, around 20% were sold in the USA while the rest went to places like Central and South America, Africa, and the far east ( Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan). We also facilitated the sales of other livestock such as mules, horses, and even fighting chickens.
The buyer or a rep usually comes to ranch and visually assesses the animals. Then comes a barrage of tests for communicable diseases and others. It is not a simple process but eventually the cattle are hauled to the port (mostly air), and away they go.

Bull Disembarks Plane





Now try to imagine what would happen if after arriving, the buyer found that one or two bulls in a group were gay! Well, obviously the buyer wants some money back. Then we want the bull back or its’ salvage value. Basically, we have a problem and the buyer never comes back for more. But this did not happen, it never has and likely never will.

We know it is not going to happen because cattle and other livestock have been bought, sold, traded, used, and eaten for many centuries. Human observation alone would have provided evidence of gay livestock if it existed. If a gay bull or any other livestock was observed, we would certainly have a long-standing joke that all dealers would know. I might point out that farm animals are the most studied animals in the world. Domestic animals like our pets have been observed for a long time also. Have you heard about gay dogs and cats?
We should note that the researchers almost always point out exotic animals in faraway places rather than the animals we are familiar with.

Animals are not likely to be homosexual for one simple reason: they are animals. They operate on instinct and learned behavior only. Because of this, they can never violate their own nature. Only man is capable of this because man has intelligence and——-a free will!