Trump Got Neoconned


President Trump got neoconned. His rash decision to order a missile attack on the Syrian airbase makes it look like he drank the kool-aid stirred up for him by the neocons and the deep state.
This same situation presented itself in 2013 but Obama did not bite. Since then, most of the evidence indicates that the 2013 gas attack was carried out by one of the rebel factions. Now, as Yogi said, it’s deja vu all over again.
Even crazy Geraldo Rivera said that the gas attack does not make sense. It’s counter-intuitive.
1. Syria is currently winning the war.
2. President Trump had stated that he was not interested in overthrowing Assad.

It would be foolish for Assad to launch a chemical attack under the circumstances. There is growing evidence that the Syria chemical attack was staged. The US says that we have “confidence” that Syria did this. When we say we have “confidence” in this case or a “high level of confidence” as in the so-called Russian interference in the election, the translation is: we have no evidence.  So the war party has won a round.

I supported Trump from the beginning but now ??

You would have to be a real bonehead not to see that this 16 years of war was planned by the war party or deep state (one and the same).

Here’s a video I posted back in July 2016 where General Wesley Clark says that he saw the paperwork at the Pentagon outlining the plan to take out the regimes of seven countries in the Middle East. Now, this vid is posted on the Wikileaks Twitter account.

Here is document by the State Department (from 2012 not 2001, according to Wikileaks) from Clinton e-mails describing the thinking and reasoning behind the interventions in the Middle East. It looks like total bullshit from the clowns in Washington who are smarter than the rest of us. How come Israel is mentioned so much? How did they get to be our blood brothers? I think we all know the answers to that.

So lobbing missiles at Syria is an act of war. Isn’t Syria a sovereign nation? Are they not a member of the United Nations? So do the American people have a say in all this or does the Administration and the Pentagon just do what they want? And what about our elected representatives? Will those worthless chicken shits ever get a spine and express the will of the people?

Do you remember when the ‘no intelligence” community told us that Saddam possessed WMD’s and had a connection to AlQaeda, the terrorist group; and Saddam gassed his own people.
It’s starting to look like groundhog day.